Author: Claire Jones

Containers with Pizzaz-Not Your Ordinary Container

I create containers for clients all the time and am always looking for inspiration to move away from the “geraniums with spike and trailer” school of thought. With a little more planning and shopping, you can come up with a showplace masterpiece with WOW impact. For pollinator containers, go to Nectar in a Pot- Movable Feast.
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Hairy Balls and Pollinators

Visitors looking over my garden in the fall, always ask what the strange-looking plant is that is forming large spiny pods. Growing in my veggie garden, because of the amount of space the plants take, my Gymnocarpus physocarpa, or “Hairy Balls” are a conversation starter. A Milkweed family member, another common name is Balloon Plant. Native to South Africa, this plant is invasive in tropical climates, but in my zone 6-7 area, winter cold keeps it in check.
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Neonic Pesticide Free Nursery

Neonic and Pesticide Free Nurseries

After picking out dead honeybees from a honeycomb frame recently, I pledged to use only plants that are neonic free. Neonics or neonicotinoids have been implicated in recent bee declines as well as other factors, such as loss of habitat and the game-changer bee parasite- varroa mite. There are a number of studies that have […]
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English Gardens Grand Estates & Cottage Gardens

English Gardens-Grand Estates & Cottage Gardens

If you have never been to the Hampton Court Flower Show or other iconic English gardens, read on if you want to check this off on your bucket list. For a full rundown on my recent trip to the Chelsea Flower Show, and gardens in the Cotswolds and Wales, you need to check out my […]
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